Kotaku summed up Assassin’s Creed Odyssey with the game’s developers

Kotaku editor-in-chief Stephen Totilo interviewed Jonathan Dumont and Marc-Alexis Côté for a recap of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. Highlights:

– Support for the game will cease within a few months;
– there will be no second season;
– Côté confirmed that player engagement was the highest in the entire series;
– the conversation also touched on Melissa McCoubry’s words that the writers were relying on fan knowledge and the wiki. Both developers were quick to deny this. Côté said that although they sometimes use a wiki, the bulk of the lore work is done with the brand team;
– Dumont says that in developing Odyssey, he tried to maintain the core of the franchise and, despite the development of the series, to satisfy both old-timers and newcomers. But, – “You can’t make everybody happy.”
– “If you don’t meet the Minotaur while playing in the ancient Greek setting, you’ll feel let down.” – Dumont said. First Civilization was perfectly suited to this idea;
– the variety of in-game races, armor, and weapons is driven by choice. No one forces you to use a fire horse or abstergo armor, but you always have that option. The same goes for skills: no one forces you to use a bow with wall-piercing arrows;
– microtransactions that speed up the process of character progression were added because it’s popular now. There are people who pay for it, an opportunity has been provided for them;
– playable modernity was removed from Unity and Syndicate because people didn’t like the gameplay. After the decision to leave only the lore in the cutscenes, Côté jokingly recalls that he “wanted to be killed on Twitter and on reddit.”
– The story tour for Odyssey will come out in the fall, possibly in September.

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